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Dwarfs have been always mentioned in ancient mythology, but they are often associated with fantasy games and have played a huge role in fairy tales or folklore. The most memorable reference to Dwarfs is in the story of Snow White.

When the innocent princess had to flee from her Wicked Stepmother, because of her beauty, the only place safe enough to keep her away from the Evil Queen’s and her magic mirror was far away in the woods. After finding a small house, Snow White found seven friendly Dwarfs who helped to hide the princess away from her vengeful and jealous stepmother. Their names were: Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy and everyone has a favorite.

Welcome to DwarfCostume.Com, where you will find the best dwarf costumes ever!  At DwarfCostume.Com, we pride ourselves on winning over Snow White’s heart, one ‘hi ho’ at a time, and we are sure that you will find just the thing to make your son, daughter, husband, or even yourself into a hip and happening dwarf!  Dwarfs are naturally “little people”, so it makes a lot of sense to choose a dwarf costume for a child or baby.  Dressing up in a dwarf costume can be amazing fun and your child is bound to get a giggle or two from their friends in these fun costumes.

The dwarf costume draws much of its popularity from the Seven Dwarfs of Snow White fame.  And these dwarf costumes are still popular today, including:

-          Dopey.  Dopey wears a green shirt and a purple hat, he is bald and has no beard. He’s the youngest of the seven dwarfs, according to internet sources, anyway.

-          Grumpy.  As the name suggests, grumpy is grouchy and has a mean streak, and he wears a red shirt with long white hair and a white beard.

-          Doc.  Doc wears an orange/brown shirt, has a long white beard and white hair, and wears glasses.

-          Happy.  When choosing a Happy dwarf costume, the most important accessory is a smile. Happy is always…well…happy!  He also wears a brown two tone shirt, a yellow hat, and long white beard and hair.

-          Bashful.  Purple tunic and a pink/red cap are the duds that you’ll find Bashful in.  He also has a long white beard and hair.

-          Sneezy.  Many times, books and movies depict Sneezy with a finger beneath his nose like he’s stifling a sneeze.  He wears a yellow and brown shirt and has a long white beard and hair.

-          Sleepy.  Sleep looks like he’s ready for a nap, and he wears a brown shirt, green cap and has long white hair and a white beard.

Each of the dwarfs are gainfully employed in the diamond minds (you can smell 1937 all over that occupation, which is when the Disney film was made, based of course, on the work of the Brothers Grimm), and thus they often carry tools that would help them in their jobs, like picks and lanterns to accentuate their dwarf costumes.

Whichever Dwarf in the story you love best, you cannot go wrong with any of the seven dwarf companions. Whether you’re preparing for a theater play, Halloween or a costume party, the dwarfs will need good quality costumes to make an impression.

There are a few things all Dwarfs share when it comes to their clothes. If your kid wants to dress as any of the seven characters you will definitely need to have pointed ears, a pointed cone hat and a tunic. The traditional costumes from the animation had a brown tunic with a black belt, tan pants, brown boots and the hat. A full white beard will complete the fantasy character and prepare your kid for his very own adventure.

This is the perfect costume idea for dressing up a group of kids, there’s bound to be a dwarf with a personality that will match that of your child! It’s a perfect costume for both kids and adults, because you can add a lot of accessories to give a more original look to each character. You can get a big white handkerchief for Sneezy or carry around a blanket or pillow for Sleepy. The possibilities are endless!

So get your kid a Dwarf costume for that special Halloween or costume party. He will be sure to make friends with all the other kids and find his other 6 companions already there

If Halloween is approaching you should be thinking about getting a dwarf costume. The seven dwarfs are probably as known as Snow White herself. So they make an excellent choice when wanting to go for a fantasy costume.

Also, quick question: How fast can you name all of the seven dwarfs?

The Seven Dwarfs were a major part of the original fairy tale. However, it wasn’t until the feature-length Walt Disney animation that these  characters were given names: Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, and of course Doc.

The dwarfs lived in the woods, and one day, lost and scared, Snow White finds their house.  Even though she is a Princess, she starts cooking and cleaning for the tiny creatures. When they arrive, everyone welcomes her, except for Grumpy.

Amazingly, not all of the dwarfs have costumes; Grumpy and Dopey dwarf costumes are seen most often. However, you might be able to find the others if you look hard enough!

The Dwarf outfit is very comfortable and a very original costume idea. It makes a great addition to any Snow White dress, for people looking for an original costume idea. It is made of the highest quality with soft materials, and is not uncomfortable to wear. You will be amazed that you can feel so good in a party costume and you will wish your clothes were this comfortable.

If you want to complete the look, you can wear your own shoes with this dwarf costume. The feet are specially designed like spats so they cover your own shoes and they won’t interfere with your movement, even if you want to dance or move around a lot.

So, don’t miss out this Halloween and choose to be any of the seven dwarfs by getting the costume of your favorite character in Sow White.

Dwarves are little old men about the same size as a child.  The most known set of dwarves among children are the seven dwarves of Snow White.  They are the ones who took care of Snow White after she ran away from her evil stepmother.  The dwarves lived in the forest where Snow White hid.  After coming from a hard day’s work in the mines, the dwarves came home to a clean house and a beautiful woman sleeping in their beds.  They listened to her tragic tale and allowed her to live with them.  The dwarves all had really cute and funny names.  There was Doc, Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, and Bashful.  All their names coincided with their attitude, which made them even cuter.  Snow White would clean and prepare meals for them as they worked in the mines.  They lived Happily till the day Snow white was cursed by the Evil Stepmother disguised as an old hag selling apples.

This is another timeless Disney Classic and has lasted until now.  There are so many versions to the story but they never leave out the seven dwarves.  These characters splayed an important role in the story, which makes a great character to portray in a Halloween party.   With seven dwarves to choose from there is no doubt you can find a great dwarf costume.

You do not have to be a dwarf to look good in this type of costume but they do look god on the smaller types of people.  Children can easily fit into one of these dwarf costumes and they will look cute as little old men.  Give them a fake beard to complete the look or you can omit the beard and let your child portray Dopey instead.  There are so many ways for this to fit in well to the Halloween theme.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorizing your Dwarf Costume can be loads of fun. Most dwarfs have longer white hair and a beard of the same color. You can easily choose a wig with tousled white locks to complete your look. The seven dwarfs in the fairy tale of Snow White carried tools for working such as tiny pick axes and claw hammers. You can easily accessorize the look by choosing plastic tools. Another version of the dwarf costume depicts a dwarf wearing a pointed red hat which makes for the ideal accessory. A handmade walking cane is another great choice for creating a purely authentic Dwarf Costume.

Measuring for Your Costume

Don’t dwarf the fun that you will be having in your costume by failing to measure before you order! It can be a lot of fun to dress in a dwarf costume, but it is never fun to be uncomfortable in a costume that is too small or too big for you. Measure yourself before ordering to make sure that yours fits perfectly. Take measurements of your hips, waist and chest, and then compare your numbers to the size chart for the Dwarf costume that you want to wear. You’ll see that this “little” effort pays off when your comfortable costume fits you like a second skin.

Dwarfs are an integral part of the fantasy world and there is no reason, the neighborhood Halloween party should be without them. You will find dwarfs as a part of the Snow White story. Wear the long blue tunics with the broad black buckled belts and shoes along with leggings that are striped or plain and complete the look with a pointy cap and you are ready to step into any fairy tale. Take your pick from the age groups available and have a hi-ho of a time this Halloween season. With seven dwarf characters that you can choose from on Dwarf Costume, you should have no problem creating an authentic look.

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